Children's Swimming Lessons

We offer classes in our heated outdoor pool to help young swimmers from age 5+ to develop water confidence and develop swimming techniques.

Every session has 4 levels, Non Swimmer, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Please ensure your child is participating in the correct session please see a rough idea of each level below.

Non Swimmers (stage 1-2) Cannot swim 5m yet

Beginners (Stage 3) 5m-10m swimmers

Improvers (Stage 4-5) 10m technique development

Advanced (Stage 6-7) 25m Swimmers technique refinement

All swimmers must be aged 5 to participate in swimming lessons

Swim Teachers

All our swim teachers are qualified through the STA or ASA, some teachers specialise in a certain age / ability group. We try to ensure we have the best suited teachers delivering at each level to develop each lesson accordingly.

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